Burner Testing – Acceptance Criteria

Combustion – General. Flame dimensions must fit into the heater design under all test conditions, with no possibility of impingement on heater tubes. Mixing of fuel and air should be uniform across the burner tile. With the excess air rates shown below, the flame should be crisp, stable and free of haze. Those excess air rates should be attainable at least down to ½ of the maximum heat release rate on any fuel or combination of fuels.

Combustion – Gas Burners. The burner should be capable of producing an acceptable flame at 10% excess air (about 2% excess oxygen). The flame should be clear with a minimum of yellow.

Combustion – Oil Burners. The burner should be capable of producing an acceptable flame at 15% excess air (about 3% excess oxygen). The flame should be free of haze or smoke with no sparklers or fireflies.

No oil splashes or coke buildup should be observed during the tests. The same goes for steam or oil port plugging.

The steam pressure should be set in accordance with the atomizer design. The design pressure should be the optimum pressure; i.e., no improvement in atomization should be observed with changes in the steam pressure. Steam flow should be metered.

Operability and Maintainability. We want a burner design that minimizes the ways in which we can upset the assembly or its adjustment and which remains operable for a long time.

The oil and gas tips should be easily removable for cleaning while the heater is operating. It should be impossible to re-install the oil or gas tips wrong.

The burner should be ignited on test the same way it will be in the plant. (If the burner will be enclosed in a plenum in the plant, you won’t be able to light it through the air register, so don’t light it through the air register on test, either.) Visual access should be provided to verify ignition.

If pilots are provided, they should at no time go out during the test.

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