Fired Heater Infrared Program

Fired heater tube temperatures should be monitored periodically with infrared thermography. The Pascagoula refinery surveys all furnaces once per quarter and coking services more frequently.

Whether an outside infrared service contractor or an in-house technician is used, follow the minimum procedures listed below in an IR scan of furnace tubes:

1. Use an Inframetrics Thermacam PM300 camera (or better as technology improves) with a flame wavelength filter.
2. Report emissivities and background temperatures used for all readings.
3. Report temperatures near several skin point thermocouples and adjust emissivities and background temperatures to reconcile the readings.
4. Report highest temperatures on each pass.
5. Report the presence of any scale that would interfere with IR reading or require subjective interpretation of readings by the IR technician.
6. Provide the local inspector with a floppy disk with files showing representative skin point TI’s and any high temperature regions.

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