Furnace Tuning and Efficiency

This section summarizes an operator training course called “Safe and Efficient Operation: Tuning a Furnace for Efficiency,” taught by Nick Brancaccio of CRTC (CTN/510 242-2350). The training material is available as a kit which includes four videos, flip charts, handouts, and an instructor’s guide. Contact your local trainer to obtain this material.

Furnace tuning is the process of examining and adjusting furnace conditions to maximize operating efficiency. Furnace tuning has three goals:
• safe and incident free operation
• satisfy specific process goals and local operating constraints
• optimize efficiency

Furnace tuning and efficiency is accomplished in three steps:
1. Furnace Assessment
2. Determining an O2 Target Range
3. Furnace Monitoring and Tuning

Any energy expended heating excess air is wasted. The ultimate goal of furnace tuning is to reduce excess air (stack O2) to the lowest point possible without creating unsafe or inefficient operating conditions. Figure 200-10 in Section 200 of the Fired Heater and Waste Heat Recovery Manual shows the relationship between excess air and efficiency.

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