Internal Inspection of Boiler Fireboxes

Note the depth of the slag buildup on the floor. When it reaches the bottom of the access doors, the floor is usually replaced.

Inspect the shaped face blocks on the hanging walls for spalling or general deterioration. If the condition is poor, test holes may be drilled to establish the remaining thickness. The face blocks are usually replaced if the remaining thickness is 1 inch or less.

Inspect the tile in the burner openings for spalling. Minor repairs may be made using a castable material. Severe spalling may require replacement of the tile.

Inspect the main baffle and the temperature control baffles for deterioration or holes. Check all expansion joints to be sure that the packing is in place and that the joint is working as intended.

Inspect the bridge wall and the wing walls for erosion and bulging. The walls are usually replaced when 4 inches of the wall are gone.

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