Other Waste Heat Recovery Types

Other waste heat recovery opportunities include the following:
• Steam boiler and process steam generator blowdown systems
• Steam condensate return systems
• Steam trap, trap maintenance and steam leaks
• Venting of excess low-pressure steam
• Compressor horsepower reduction from using chilled waters in compressor suction coolers. (In warmer climates, using 50°F chilled water instead of ambient 80°F water (cooling incoming suction temperatures from 120°F to 80°F), reduces compressor horsepower 7%.)
• Gas Expanders where higher pressure gases are available for energy recovery in dropping to lower pressures.
• Capacity control of rotating equipment by variable speed control of the drivers
• High efficiency motors and steam turbines
• Completely automatic boiler and fired heater combustion control
• Control of Oxygen, draft, and leaks in skins of equipment
• Capacity control of reciprocating compressors by automatic unloader control versus spillback
• Automatic temperature control (on-off, variable speed) of cooling tower and air cooler motor drivers
• Low Temperature Rankine Cycle Waste Heat Recovery versus air or water cooling of process streams
• Vacuum pumps versus steam jet ejectors
• Vacuum deareation versus low pressure steam deareation
• Insulation installation and maintenance
• Hot feed to process units. (An example is that the Hydrocracker feed from the Vacuum Unit could be fed directly to the Isocracker to avoid cooling for intermediate storage, oxidation, and to conserve energy.)

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