Proper Location of Soot Blowers

The effectiveness of a soot blowing system depends on the spacing of the soot blowers with respect to the convection tube banks. The soot blower supplier should review the furnace designer’s proposed soot blower locations.

Although penetration from the end of the convection section (parallel to the tubes) is preferred, side penetration is acceptable and, as a practical matter, usually employed. The retractable lances are often just too long and stick out too far if arranged parallel to the length of the convection section tubes.

Soot blowers are usually placed on 6- to 8-foot centers and should be able to clean three to four tube rows up (in the direction of flue gas flow) and three rows down. Soot blowers are more effective if adequate clearance (one foot minimum) is provided between the soot blowers and the tube rows. To protect against refractory erosion and spalling, stainless steel shrouds or dense refractory should be used in areas subjected to steam impingement.

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